Bad Advice from Bad Women, McNally Jackson Williamsburg (Apr 2018)

Second Sunday's Poetry Series, Mama's Bar (Mar 2018)

Madame's Mashup, poetry & dance fusion (Feb 2018)

Daphne and Her Discontents, a poetry reading (Jan 2018)

Action Mashup Networking Event, featured artist (Nov 2017)

Femme Collective Benefit (Nov 2017)

UNITY Fest (Sept 2017)

QMT poetry reading (June 2017)

Left Forum panel on Neoliberalism and the Spirit of Mindfulness (June 2017)

DOUBLE BIND book launch (Apr 2017)

AWP (Feb 2017)

National Book Critics Circle panel on race, gender and book reviewing (May 2015)

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Song Recommendation: "Halah," by Mazzy Star (Mar 2018)

Song Recommendation: "Someday We'll Be Together," by the Supremes (Feb 2018)

The Wilds review (Feb 2018)

Song Recommendation: "Black Swan," by Thom Yorke (Jan 2018)

Best Essays on Donald Trump, Lithub (Nov 2017)

The Jerome Foundation